Kira wants tiny Hallo-wieners to Worship Her Wickedness

It’s so close to Halloween, don’t you think it’s time to have an unadulterated humiliation call with Kira? I want to be illuminated like a jack o lantern, worshiped and loved.  My heat will turn you on. I will be dressed up like a sexy devil. You will see a big circle and in the center I will be waiting for you, in my hot little red dress, stockings and heels. Come Worship me!

There are many in the circle but only the truly sinful get placed in the center with me.  I will punish you for being so naughty and depraved. But, you know to please me you have to show me how dirty you can be. You will want me even though wanting someone so evil and wicked is wrong. But, that excites you doesn’t it? The mere suggestion of adulation has you down on your knees begging to be my sweet little slave. I will give you what you need. I will force feed you my heels and ass, making sure everyone sees what a good job you are doing feeding your hunger. I giggle and moan and make you scream out my name. Who is it that you worship?

I want you to profess your undying devotion, proclaim that pleasing me makes your balls full and your cock wants to cum all over my red satin dress of sin.  As I sit there on my throne I make you jerk your dick the way that I see fit. I order you to do it the way I want, all while pleasuring myself and teasing you. But I do not give you my sweet little cunt, instead you get my heel shoved into your mouth while the other beats your balls. You hear a rhythmic chanting, a beating of a drum calling you to cum for me. All eyes are on you, will cum for your Mischievous Mistress and her crowd of deviant debauchery?

Let’s have some humiliation phone sex tonight as you worship me!