Kira Succubus with Canine Fun

I love succubus phone sex. I knew it was the only way. I would have to force you. I have teased you, I have put you under a wicked spell or two. But, this time it had to be against your will. I’ve got a mind full of wicked designs. I’ve got a non-stop hole in my head imagination. You follow me thru the threshold .As if it’s our wedding night, I carry you over it I sense your fear. I have made you feel especially safe tonight. I have not bent your mind, I have not hypnotized you with my gaze. You are suspicious as you lay down on the bed. I lay over you, kissing you, covering your entire body with my warm wetness.

I turn you over and I whisper into your ear, “I want to take you now.” You are my submissive naturally but I know you have limits. You have limits that I have never crossed. I come back into your view and my outfit has changed into a hot leather bodysuit with a strap on built in. You are relieved as this is familiar and you anticipate me bending you over and pounding your asshole. You are on all fours, and behind you can feel me fucking you so hard. Then you look to see a mirror over the room. You hadn’t noticed the mirror until you lift your head up and open your eyes.

And, now you see it. You see that I have shifted into a dog. I am a huge dog now pinning you against the floor. And suddenly, just as quickly as you noticed, I am stuck inside you. You panic and try to escape that dog knot in you banging back and forth. But, now I truly have you trapped and I didn’t even have to use my mind.

I love giving you what you didn’t know you wanted with Fetish Phone Sex.