Kink Goddess Jasmine Has a Kink Test

Having a kink goddess sounds all fun and games, but if it is not a lifestyle for you, then leave it alone!  Trust me; you can’t handle a kink goddess.  You probably couldn’t land one anyways if you just dabble with kinks.  For them, it is much more than a bedroom rendezvous.  It is their very DNA. If you want to learn more, keep on reading!

There is a kink goddess that lives in the heart of Chicago. For the sake of this blog, we will call her Goddess Jasmine, and she is dynamite.  We went to high school together, and all of the boys wanted time with Jasmine, but no one ever sparked her interest.  Some said she was picky, and I suppose she was.  After years of college, I now understand why she is.

I called her Jasmine back in the day because, of course, we were good friends.  She found the world of kink in her second year of college, and it intrigued her.  I remember she started talking about it over lunch one day.  Excited doesn’t even cover it because she barely touched her meal.  The fact that men want to be told how to act made her interested in dating.  At first, that didn’t go well, but once she found her first kinky patron, the kink goddess was born!

Like A Girl Who’s In Control?

I think his name was Sven.  Unfortunately, she doesn’t keep too many around long; she gets tired of them easily. Well, Sven wanted nothing more than to please his goddess, Jasmine.  Letting her know was all that needed to happen before they were inseparable. Literally, she collared him, and he went everywhere with her.  It was an interesting 4 months before she asked Sven to get her more boy toys.  He was hurt at first, but she made it clear she wouldn’t tolerate insubordination.

The first few rounds of boys were stubborn, though.  Not at all like Sven, letting the goddess chain them all day and be her personal slaves.

Don’t Be Shy. Read More Smut!

Enter the kink test!  She was done wasting time on boys that we’re unable to submit completely.  There was no time for a man who didn’t know his place and she wasn’t keen on training.  She liked her boys broken upon arrival.  So, the next group of boys was put through the kink test.

In order to even be considered, you must fill out an application, which comes with a fee. If you can’t pay it, you probably aren’t worth it. So she won’t even deal with you. You must pass the kink test to be her bitch.  Can you really handle everything she throws at you, or are you a pathetic sub-wannabe? She will test you, and if you aren’t right, she will break you and toss you.

What if you find after a few months of dating a kink goddess that you can’t handle it?  Some dumbasses never understand.  They think she will change her mind about them like they are special.  If you ever think this, trust me, you aren’t.

Goddess Phone Sex  Right Here!

You are easy to replace because a kink goddess doesn’t want some fool caught up in loving her and making her a housewife.  To her, you’re the housewife, and she doesn’t give two shits.  Service her the right way, or someone else will come along.

Of course, I asked her once how she could replace her subs so quickly.  She told me there is always someone willing to eat your cunt and pick up your groceries. Now she uses new fetishes on subs all the time!  Says that it is an easy way to test their loyalty.  A sub isn’t there to think for themselves, and if they are hesitant, she doesn’t want them around.  That explains why her subs are always on edge!

Would you do a kink test?

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