Kidnapping And Torture Accomplice. My Most Secret Fantasy

A lot of guys ask me about my own secret fantasy. I love taboo fantasies, but to be honest I am usually shy to share too much! I’m just not usually the kind of girl who likes to show my cards right away…I’m sure you perverts know what I mean. I am scared of what people will think when they hear how twisted my mind is…But tonight, I am going to go outside of my comfort zone. You share your most personal, secret fantasies with me, I think it’s only fair that I share my secret fantasy with you, my palms sweat with nerves now I know how you must feel when you call me!


I have a fantasy where I help a man kidnap someone. When I was a little girl, one of my childhood friends was kidnapped and it was too taboo to talk about, yet I found it so exciting think about what her abductors did to her. I often fantasized about my friends and family being abducted and what would happen to them. Something about it turns me on. It could be anyone, I’m not picky…but in my fantasy we stalk, coerce or drug our victim before bringing them to our house.

That’s when the real fun begins.

It’s sort of a Bonny and Clyde, us against the world type of thrill, I guess. We tie them up and use them for our pleasure…tease and torture their bodies, mouths gagged so they can’t protest while we collaborate on what sinister things to do to our poor, innocent, unsuspecting victims. You can watch me beat them silly and mouth rape them with a strap-on until they gag and vomit all over themselves, or we can restrain them with their legs open and take control of all of their holes for our pleasure. Choke them, intoxicate them, electrocute them…and more…I bet you wonder what I mean when I say “more”…well, how evil are you? You have no idea how far I’m willing to go in this particular fantasy of mine. You’ll just have to call me for some dark accomplice phone sex to find out.


And when we’re done with them?

We drug them and dump them in a ditch by a truck stop with nothing but a towel and a cell phone. That sounds so satisfying, doesn’t it? To degrade someone so fully and to take away their power like that and then leave them vulnerable, stunned and humiliated.


I’m looking for a malevolent man with a thirst for the pain that I can team up with and cause innocent stranger memory that will haunt them for the rest of their lives…if they make it that far. My secret fantasy scares me, but it also turns me on so much. Having the perfect accomplice in such a dark fantasy must be something the right man has been looking for, too…


Have you ever wanted a sexy partner in true crime? Let’s get sick and twisted together…it’s an itch I just can’t scratch on my own.

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