I hope they don’t think I’m excited about this gang rape fantasy…

“Fuck! I thought. I’m wet from watching porn and playing with my clit when they got here. I hope they don’t think I’m excited at the prospect of being brutally raped by two strangers…”

“Hurry up and start fucking her! There’s a lot I plan to do to her and we don’t have a lot of time,” the first guy said. Right after that, I could feel the hard head of his cock at the entrance to my pussy. It almost seemed like this gang rape fantasy was happening to someone else and not to me.

I realized that he was about to shove his alarmingly large cock into my pussy. And he thought I was turned on by this because of my wet pussy. I tried to struggle but they were holding me down so tightly and they just laughed. I could feel his very thick cock starting to violate me. Once the tip was in he slammed it in the rest of the way. He was so big that there was a flash of pain and I screamed in surprise.a gang rape fantasy

They just kept laughing at my ineffective protests

But all my scream got me was a big hand clamped over my mouth. I tried to beg them to end this gang rape fantasy, to stop hurting me and just go away. But of course that was all muffled and they kept laughing at my ineffective protests.

“Wow, this slut’s cunt is so tight,” said the man who was driving his cock into me as hard as he wanted. I think he knew that he could do whatever the fuck he wanted to me at this point and planned to take full advantage of it. “Just think about how tight her pretty round ass is going to be,” he said – as if he had a cum fetish. I can’t wait to get my big dick in there,” the one holding me down added. Just after he said that he removed his hand from my mouth and started to roughly fondle my breasts and pinch my nipples painfully hard.

I very much regretted playing with my clit earlier

But I had to admit that it made this brutal fucking a bit less painful than it could have been. And to my horror, I realized that my pussy wasn’t nearly as traumatized as I was, and was starting to respond to the hard fucking. I was pushing back every time he slammed into me as if I wanted him inside me even deeper and harder. “Maybe the man wouldn’t notice,” I hoped.

But he did notice. He leaned down and growled in my ear “Oh, you like this, do you? You stupid little whore…” He slowed down the thrusting a bit and started fingering my clit with his big, wide fingers. He was circling it, almost as if trying to torment me and make me beg for more.

I didn’t start begging then but I did push my hips up toward his hand to try to get him to rub my clit and stop circling right around it but never quite touching it.  And then I was horrified to realize that this gang rape fantasy was making me even wetter and if he did what I was silently begging him to do, my rapist may be about to make me cum.

Next up… maybe we’ll figure out the answer to the question, what was wrong with me??


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