How did I end up kidnapped in a dungeon?

I was walking home from class. It’s a small town and to get home I have to walk down a private path in a forest area, but I have never run into problems before. Everything has been so safe, and I have walked this path a million times before, mostly alone. But this time, I kept looking behind me. I felt odd and like something was out of place. So I never expected to wake up kidnapped in a dungeon. Confusion hit me when I woke up.

The room was dark with only a dim light from a shaded window. When my eyes were fully open, I could feel that my arms were tied behind my back. The more I tried to escape from the handcuffs, the more it started to dig into my skin, and hurt.

There were no cuffs on my legs. I thought it was odd. There was a cut in my shirt. My bra was showing too! I started to sweat, and nervousness swallowed my body.

How the fuck did I end up here, I thought to myself. I tried to piece together the timeline after I finished class. My memory starts to come back to me. I remember a man following me wearing all black.

He had to have drugged me to get to his house.

So many thoughts filled my mind. Then, the door started to open. He walks in and asks me how I’m feeling. Just like that, that nervousness turns into pure frustration.

How could he be standing in front of me while I am handcuffed, and exposed? And asking me such dumb questions on top of that? I guess he understands how bad I am because he starts to laugh at my frustration. He is armed with scissors and starts finishing the job of cutting my shirt off, then he cuts my bra off.

I felt the cold air on my tits. My nipples can’t help but become erect. I try to cover myself, but I forget that I’m handcuffed. The metal cuts into my wrists, and I cry out in pain.

The strange man just laughs more and starts cutting off my shorts. The jean material takes him a few extra seconds, but he doesn’t struggle for long. My panties are easy to cut through, and suddenly I am fully exposed to him.

It’s at this time he decides to crack a joke “First time kidnapped in a dungeon sweetheart?”.

I let him know exactly what I think of his joke by giving him the hardest kick I’m able to. Despite my small size, I was mad enough to kick him to the ground. He seems stunned at first but then gets angry.

Once he stands back up, he kicks my leg open and gets on top of me. “You’re stronger than those other drunk slutty college girls” he growls into my ear. He has me at his weakness, and definitely uses it to his advantage.

Then, I heard him unzip his pants, and I knew he was going to fuck me while I was kidnapped in a dungeon. After he unzipped his pants, he started to push his body weight on me. I could feel his cock start to enter my tight pussy.

I started to feel exactly how big he was, the more he pushed into me. A moan escaped my lips, and I couldn’t hold back anymore. I started moving my hips against his.

Somehow being chained up was making my pussy just leak down his cock.

When he noticed that, he started to go harder and deeper. He started to grab my tits hard. It just made me more wet.

His body kept getting heavier on me. Then we started to cum at the same time. My body started to lock up, and I could feel him shoot his cum while he was balls deep inside me. Right when I felt him cum, I couldn’t hold back.

I gushed all over his still throbbing cock. It felt so good. My breathing comes so labored, and then I heard him whisper in my ear, “Are you ready for round two?”

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