Drunk slutty college girls were your favorite victims.

By all means, there was no shortage of them either. This town had so many bars. Each and every one of them was just crawling with drunk slutty college girls. The weekdays are just as busy. You told me, you could go brawling and searching for your next victim any day of the week.

Drinking is the girls’ specialty in this town. They wake up not remembering a thing.

You would go around bars until you found the perfect victim.

I listened to you describe the perfect one, “She starts drinking with her friends because she has something to prove. She’s trying to keep up at this private school and can hardly do it. So she drinks and drinks. Uber picks all her friends up while she stays behind to drink.” My pussy gets soaking wet, just hearing you talk about it. I’m so glad you spent last night confessing your rape fantasies with me!

So, later on, that night, after you have filled my head with details. We go out looking for one of the drunk slutty college girls that will soon label herself a victim.

We find a cozy bar just outside of town.

The bar is packed with people like all the other bars, even though it was a complete dump. No one seems to care that the neon sign on the wall doesn’t say “bar” anymore, instead “ar” shines in the night.

The roaring of girls giggling is at an all-time high. I attend a small liberal arts college and have never seen a sight like this before. These private school girls could really drink.

I signal to you that I’m going to go to the bathroom and to follow our plan, which I find at the very back of the bar.

Then, I make a mental note to tell you that there aren’t any lights back here. I run into two sets of couples balls deep inside each other already before I even open the bathroom door.

Then, the horrible sounds of girls vomiting hit me when I walk into the bathroom. The ones who weren’t vomiting were already down for the count.

 I help the redhead in the corner.

She’s struggling to stay awake after having what it looked like was 10 shots over her limit. I play nice and I help her to her feet.

Then, I tell her I had seen her around campus before. She nods at my general direction agreeing with me. I ask if I could help her get home since my friends just left. She looks around at all the other girls sleeping here. It looks like she didn’t want to be another one of those girls tossed out at closing.

Little did she know, I was definitely not getting her home safely. I help her out the bathroom door, pointing to the backdoor.

You were waiting for us in the car.

It was easy enough to toss her into the backseat with us. You started laughing at how much easier they trusted me.

I grinned ear to ear. This was going to be so much fun! I had the hotel key in my back pocket for a tiny shitty motel about an hour away. We could do whatever we wanted with her now.

Drunk slutty college girls just make it so easy to use and take advantage of them!


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