I Have The Only Key To His Chastity Device

Did you think I was going to leave you free while I go to the office? No way come on. Surrender your cock to me and let me lock you in. Look at how you willingly give me your man hood, and let me lock it away in this chastity device. My sweet little cuckie!

The fun doesn’t stop there. You know I love to masturbate in front of you, don’t you dare look away from me! My legs are spread with my black stockings on. I run my panties into my wet pussy and drag them across your face. It’s one of the last things I do before I leave you for work. How’s that feel? A little tight? Perfect. Mmmm, I love squeezing those balls!

Think I forgot about you while I’m sitting at my desk? Of course not, you’re always on my mind throughout the day. You may have the day off of your job but when you do, all that spare time is given to me. I have my webcam at work and I make you video chat me. Show me how that cock is doing. Run a smooth piece of silk over that device. Listen to all the ways I’m going to make that cock ooze cum, but oh wait you can’t touch it, hehe.

I love the torture, and even better, so do you

You love the limits I push with every slight moan and dirty thought I seep into your ear. I bring you so close until you’re begging to be milked and I hang up the phone. The next time you hear from me is when you hear my keys turning the lock in the front door. There you are, in your chastity device and nothing else. Waiting so obediently. Are you ready to cum? Tonight, I won’t bring home my giant stud bull boss…but I’ll tell you he fucked me right after I hung up on your at work. Mmmm and I think I’ll hold the vibrator against your balls on the highest setting!

That’s right, right after I hung up on you my boss came in and fucked me doggy my desk, he slammed that fat black cock into this tight little pussy you’re about to eat then he face fucked me and made me suck his balls….right here as i press the vibrator into you. You’re cumming in your chastity device tonight, cover it in your cream! I hold the only key and it’s only getting unlocked once you agree to lick it clean of your mess, don’t miss a drop, or I just might have to bring my boss home next time!

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