Being denied sucks doesn’t it? Sure you like the teasing but how much do you like being denied? I love tease and denial, I get to spend all day working you up in so many ways just to turn aound and ruin your orgasm. You want to know what its like to get teased get denied your right to cum? I can tease you all day and enjoy every minute of it. Start by having you watch me priss around in those sexy lingerie outfits. You lookng at me but knowing you can’t touch me. Thoughts are running rapidly through your head, your thinking about all the things you want to do to me all the things you want me to do to you but your stuck with nothing to do but look at what I want you to look at. I sit next to you drag my foot across the crotch of your pants, no touching just sit there and let me tease your cock. I make you take those pants right off I massage my feet into your cock, just enough to get you hard.
I take you into my room strip you naked and tie you to my bed. Your tied hands about your head tied to my head board, your feet tied to my foot board. Submissive whores like bondage especially when its by a dominant control freak. You can’t move I slide my panties down and straddle your face, I’m not going to sit on your face I’m just going to keep my bare pussy a few inches away, I want it close enough to my sweet pussy smell and close enough to see my pretty pussy lips, but not close enough for you to taste. I lean forward and take your cock in my hand I stroke your cock and tease your cock head withmy tongue. Now beg to eat my pussy beg to worship my pussy, Do you think your worthy of my pussy. Your getting a taste of what its like to get teased get denied, But we aren’t anywhere near finished, yet.
My tongue sliding back and forth across your cock head my pussy just inches from your face my hand stroke your cock harder and harder your so close and I stop.I get up leaving you tied up, And I come back with some clothes pins I put them on your nipples you love nipple torture. I look down your cock is twitching your balls are swelled I stroke it some more precum drips out I get down my your cock and rub my juicy tits all over your cock precum dripping out on my tits I put my tits in your face and force you to clean your precum off me. I take your cock in one hand I stroke it while taking a finger from my other I finger your ass. You can’t help it its feels so good. Your close now I stop stroking your cock but I slide a second finger in your ass. I love watching you get teased get deined. Want to hear more tease and denial call me I got big plans for you.