Keep It Simple, Let’s Be Fuck Buddies!

Well of course work and school consume my life, social one included and that needs to change…like yesterday. I finally have a 3 day weekend to really spend how I want to, I’m going hunting for fuck buddies.

You guessed it, I may be a little innocent looking, sweet sounding beauty but right about now. I’m feeling like the kinkiest whore on campus. I have so much pent up energy that I’m ready to fucking explode. Hardcore, fuck me like you hate me sex is my remedy. Oh yeah, I’m not from this town and know a handful of people, all who cannot give me and my wet little snatch what we;re really hungry for. I know!

One of those hook up apps, isn’t everyone using them? Thanks internet!

Skip, no, I’ve seen you in person, weird, no, never. These are my responses as I swipe through the gallery of men on this hook-up app. And so many of them wanting to find serious relationships. Where are all my men that just want to be fuck buddies?! Bingo. You know it really is true. Just when you’re ready to give up keep going because you’re so close to gold. One more swipe to the left proved this app was worth getting. His picture was…animalistic. He wasn’t here for talking, or dating, or anything frilly. His whole profile contained pictures of his body, sexual interests, and on demand dick pics should anyone request one. He was here for raw fucking. And he was also in one of my classes.

I had an advantage knowing what he looked like in person and let me tell you, this is the one I need. Solid stature, big thick hands, and the way his pants fit, fuck ME!!!! Messaging back and forth about bullshit finally lead to him telling me where his dorm was. There was still time to visit before curfew and I wasn’t far. I freshened up, I know how this goes, debated on panties, and definitely trimmed, and next thing you know I was in front of his door.

He let me in with a gentle tug inside.

Being so close to him for the first time was a change in energy and I soon realized he was a very intense individual. He firmly pressed me against the wall introduced himself and devoured me into his mouth, he was ready and I accepted the challenge. He pushed my head against the wall away from him and looked down at me and held me by my chin and said “Are you going to give me what I want?!” I lowered my face and caught his finger in my mouth, sucked it firmly and replied “Yes.”

I wasn’t kidding either. I lifted my body up and wrapped my legs around him, hanging in midair, he grabbed onto me and walked me to his bed. Single dorm, fuck yeah! No stupid bunk bed to get int he way of riding that fucking cock. He not so gently threw me on the bed and I started ripping my clothes off not caring if they survived. He was doing the same and still managed to pick up my panties, sniff them, lick them and spread my legs open for me before I even got my bra off.

I felt him begin to grind and tease my clit with the tip of his cock.

I fucking loved how oral he was his mouth all over my thighs and up my stomach licking his way up to my nipples. His hands easily covered my tits and the way he massaged them as he rubbed his shaft against me, I was dripping all over the sheets. He got up on his knees, my feet were over my head ready to take him and he slid his dick all the way in, and held it there as I gasped for air, He covered my mouth with his hand and started fucking pumping like his life depended on it. I bit into his hand gazing into his eyes begging for more, more, MORE! Oh my fucking God yes! Please don’t fucking stop was all I could think ad the walls of my pussy wrapped around his cock.

Pinching my nipples and biting my skin I was cussing, moaning, groaning, on another planet and I fucking loved it! All the stress from school work and internships, and working full time hours, and finding time to study for my exams, getting fucked by this donkey dick could have only come from Heaven. Needless to say as I write this to you, I’m full of my fuck buddies  cum. I’m just ready to be pumped back out into gorgeous little cream pies. This is going to be a regular thing every weekend, and who knows he any be one of many. Any takers wanna clean up the mess? 😉

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