“I want to see it.”  I said pulling him towards the bedroom.  Once we made it to the bed, his eyes searched at mine looking for any hint of my disapproval.  “Just like that?” He questioned.  “You don’t think it’s weird? That I’m weird?”  I didn’t know what to say.

I put the key on the nightstand and turned back to face him.  He looked so lost and afraid, worried this was all a big joke I was playing on him.  I traced the outline of his jaw with my fingers.  “It is weird.” I replied . “Weird and really sexy.”  I unbuttoned the first button on his shirt.   “You want me to control your cock.”  I continued on through his buttons.  Removing his shirt as I stood on my toes and kissed his neck. “You can only cum when I say so?”  I whispered into his ear.  “Y..ye..s” He moaned back as I started sucking and biting at his ear lobe.

“I want to see it” I repeated.  I rushed as I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants.  He squirmed out of them, allowing them to puddle over his ankles and the floor.  He was now completely naked.  I stepped back giving myself space to let my eyes drink in his beautiful body.  Then I lowered my gaze.  I was completely transfixed.

The way his cock and balls looked trapped in all that shiny black plastic and metal, the gold colored lock resting on his bound up shaft was too much.  I felt my pussy start to throb as it became slick from the sight.  “You look….” I started.  “Stupid? ‘ Pathetic? ‘Gross?” He began, attempting to fill in my pause.  I put my hand on his chest, pushing him down on the bed. “So hot.”  I replied catching his mouth with mine.

It felt like every inch of my lustful body was on fire, begging for his touch.  I kissed him deeper, pulling his tongue into my mouth and sucking at it as I climbed onto his lap.  Straddling him, I wanted to feel it.  I started to grind into him working my hips and arching my back, untill I could feel the hard plastic through my silky pink panties.  So wet. Jason, already breathing heavily as he wound his hands into my hair , pulling me down; forcing my back to arch further pushing my beautiful chest in his face.

“You keep this up and we’re going to break it.” he growled as he started biting my nipples; pulling at them through my dress, causing me to cry out from pleasure.  With that he started to reach for the key. I grabbed his arm as I laid him back on the bed. “I decide when you get to cum” I giggled.

He looked up at me a mixture of frustration and excitement on his face. I took my panties off and climbed back on top of him; pulling my skirt up positioning one leg on each side of his head. He lifted his arms up grabbing on to my hips from behind holding me in place and forcing me to stay still as he circled his tongue over my clit and down into my tight dripping wet hole.

He kept inching up further and pushing me down into the bed as I pulled his hair; begging him to fuck me into orgasm with his tongue. It didn’t take long for my walls to tighten around him, begging to hold his tongue captive like the chassy around his cock. Everything went hazy as I felt him slowly lap up the juices from my delicious pink slit. “That was amazing” I said as I lowered myself off of him cuddling up next to him and wiping what was left of me off of his cheeks and chin. He looked over at the key on the dresser, smiling as he wrapped his arms around me. “Not tonight?”  he asked almost jokingly. “Not tonight.” I replied nuzzing my head into his chest.