“I want you to have this.” Jason said as he placed the small shining key beside me on the desk. “Cute. ‘What is it?” I asked. I watched the smile play on his lips.

It was gone by the time his out reaching hands formed around mine.Leaning back on the desk, He fell silent. “It’s a key.”  He finally said .                ” Really?” I joked back, looking to lighten the conversation. “Yes.” He continued, a bit of what seemed like annoyance strengthening his tone. It was short lived as I watched his eyes fall to the floor.

” I know we have only been together for a little while, but with how long we have been friends, I know you’ll be okay with this.”He sounded more like he was trying to reassure himself. He paused finally fixing his gaze on mine.

“I want to play a game with you. ‘No. It’s not really a game.” His face puckered as he searched for the right words “It’s serious but it’s also fun!” His face lit back up . I couldn’t help but giggle at how cute it was. “SO what’s this to?” I asked tapping my nail on the tiny metal mystery he put in front of me. “Your Diary?” I laughed I couldn’t help it. I always crack jokes when things get to heavy.

His face grew dim.”I was kidding, you know how I get when I get nervous.” He smiled at me and tucked the hair that had fallen in my face back behind my ear. “This.” he poked at the key, forcing it closer to me. He locked his gaze onto my eyes “Holds more of my secrets than a diary ever could.”He shook his eyes from mine, and went back to staring at the floor.

“If you don’t like it. I’ll take it off . We won’t have to talk about it ever again.” As he rushed the words from his mouth his body wavered. “The key is to a chastity device.” “The key is to the chastity device I have on . ‘I put it on I wanted to surprise you.”

I couldn’t help it.My eyes immediately darted down to the front of his pants, searching for the outline that normally no matter what he wore was always visible. Then it hit me. “Wait that’s what the key if for?” He seemed amused and a little relived at my excitement “Yes” he repeated this time in a mocking way “Oh” I giggled “And you want me to have it?” “Yes” he said again this time letting a sexually charged sigh construct the syllables. It made me wet. I tried harder to focus on what he was saying. How could knowing he can’t even get a hard on unless I give him the okay turn me on so much. I already started forming plans for him. I picked up the key. “So I’m the only one who can open it?”

He nodded back at me, bringing his arms around me “I want to be only yours.”

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