Chelsea, my sexy lesbian roommate.

My first college roommate was named Chelsea. She was a tiny, petite brunette with warm brown eyes, tight sexy ass, and perfect sized tits. She was also a lesbian. Now by the time I went to college I had plenty of experience with boys but I had never done anything with a girl before.

I was more than attracted to her and there were several occasions where I noticed her lingering over my naked body after I showered for a little too long. I really started to like the way she looked at me, like she wanted me right then and there. The sexual tension was getting so strong that we could barely brush past one another without it shooting vibrations and warmth straight to my pussy. I know she could feel it too. It was tantalizing but I was too afraid to make the first move. I was afraid that I was just misreading her and that she didn’t really want me so when we got home from a party one night and she made her move I was thrilled.

It was about 2 am and we got back to our tiny one-room dorm.

I was in front of my closet topless in only my panties getting ready to put on my pajamas and I felt her come up behind me. Her hands slowly moved over my back and around my ribcage. My whole body was tense and anticipating what she would do to me next. Her hands curled up the front of my ribs and finally came up to cup my breasts. My nipples instantly hardened and I let out a low, whispered moan. To have her finally touching me was such sweet relief. I wanted her so bad and I knew I was about to get everything that I wanted.

To be continued…

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