Kate’s Bisexual Fantasy Threesome Comes True

I love men and women, a true bisexual. Craving pussy, craving cock. I crave it all! So my ultimate fantasy come true? A sexy threesome where I share a man with another woman. I can’t fucking wait. I have two people in mind and I know they’re going to love. You’re going to love sharing me with another woman aren’t you babe? Two mouths, two pussies, all kinds of attention for you…and for me;).

My friend Elizabeth will be perfect for us. She’s petite and blonde like me so I know you’ll love her! Let’s get together after work. I will have her come over and we will be waiting for you! We are the same size so we can share some lingerie. Get dressed up real pretty for you, probably something that matches so we can be your perfect little fantasy. Our long blonde curled hair. Pretty black lace bras and panties. Waiting for you anxiously in our big king size bed.

It’s hard but we manage to wait for you before we do much more than kiss. We do kiss a few times while we wait for you. I won’t lie to you babe, I’m wet already. I can’t wait to share Elizabeth with you. My bisexual fantasy finally coming to life. I fucking love it.

We hear you come in and giggle kissing again. We can’t stop. Then we kiss each other deeper, laying back on the bed, pressed together. This is what you walk into. Her hands running through my hair, kissing me, her tongue running over my bottom lip, entwining with mine. You groan when you walk in “Fuck.” Now I know that you’re almost as into this as I am. This is going to be a night the three of us will never forget!

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