“Kate, please come into my office for a moment.”

(An oral surprise is waiting)

Oh no, I’m definitely not ready for this oral lashing.

“Yes sir, I’ll be right in.”

I had just started this job a couple of months ago and today I could just feel that I was going to get punished. I was expecting quite the oral lashing, but I could have never imagined what was actually going to happen. I’d been out the night before and wasn’t able to change my clothes before coming into the office. The dress I had on was less than office appropriate, to say the least. Slutty secretary definitely came to mind. My tits were hanging out and my ass was certain to show if I bent over too far, not to mention my pussy.

My boss was a very dominating man and as a naturally submissive woman he intimidated me and intrigued me on so many levels. He was twice my age but I didn’t care. I felt aroused just by his sheer power and control.

I scurried into his office anxious about the outcome of our little meeting. As soon as I walked in the door I could feel him looking over every inch of my body. As if he were actually touching me, caressing my skin.

It immediately turned me on and of course, my nipples began to harden instantly.

“Kate, I see you have forgotten what the dress code says. You’re showing an awful lot of skin today.” I try to answer him but he immediately cuts me off. “Now Kate, don’t say anything. I understand these things happen but I will surely have to take action considering I am your boss and I am in charge.” Boy, he’s so dominating. I simply nod my head wondering what he’s going to do to me. “Kate please come over here. I have something for you.” There’s so much sexual tension in his voice, it’s almost like a promise. “Yes, sir. What do you need?”

“I’m so glad you asked like that. I dropped something under my desk, find it and I’ll show you.” I eagerly climb under his desk aware that he is inches away in his desk chair. I turn around “Sir..” and his cock is in my face. Suddenly I know just what he needs and I’ve been wanting it for so long.

Call me to find out what slutty secretary Kate does for her boss.

Phone Sex!