Kate can be the sweet virgin you need

I am so sweet and innocent. I really love men but I haven’t had much experience yet. Don’t tell, but I’m still a virgin. I am so eager to please you though! I promise you won’t be disappointed. I’m looking for someone to show me everything. I want to feel good. I want to know what sex is all about and I want you to show me, please. Just know that I don’t really know very much but I promise I learn fast. Just give me a chance. I mean, I’ll be really tight, which will feel really good right? Give me a chance baby.

Besides, I know you look at me all the time. You love the way my body looks and you want to help me explore it. You want to learn it at the same time I do. It will be perfect. Every part of me is tight and perky and perfect. I promise. I’m young and ready and waiting for you baby. Please come show me what I’ve been missing. I need to feel it, I need to feel you.

Once you agree to have me. To help me. We can set up a special time and place. I’ll be ready. I’m going to shower and make myself perfect for you. I’ll rub lotion all over my body to make my skin soft, spray on my sweetest perfume, curl my hair, and wear my sweetest, prettiest white dress. Maybe you’ll even buy one for me;) with some pretty panties to match. I don’t even need a bra yet. My body is perfect. My skin will be glowing, my curls cascading down over my breasts, the dress fits me just right. I will look beautiful for you I promise.

Once I’m ready you’ll pick me up and take me to our special spot. And then we will start exploring. I don’t want to be a virgin anymore. I can’t wait baby.

Phone Sex Girls!