K9 roleplay is always very fun. After all, I have always enjoyed animals of all kinds. However, with the dog days of Summer upon us, I just can not escape the love of my four-legged friends. Actually, this reminds me of a really hot story that I would love to share with you, my horny reader. This story is from a time when I was much younger and a whole lot less experienced with all things taboo and naughty. In fact, as you will read, I was at a time when I was incredibly naive and way too innocent. However, I am sure it may be hard for you to picture your favorite big tit slut being so innocent. 


I was visiting my aunt one summer. After all, she had a large pool and I loved to go swimming when it was so hot outside. My aunt had a couple of boy cousins. However, My cousins were much older than me and loved picking on me for being the little runt. She too was an animal lover. In fact, she had three large dogs that loved to keep us all company at the pool. On that day I was wearing a very cute bikini. Although, it was my swimsuit from last summer. That meant it was two sizes too small, however, it swam the same of course. I was swimming with my cousins and what harm could come from that. 

Playing with My Cousins

They continued to splash me until their dogs came over trying to eat the water droplets out of the air. I jumped back trying to avoid their snarling, excited teeth. Then, my cousins continued to splash towards me, noticing my fear of this. I attempted to get up from the ground, however, the boys splashed so much it distracted the dogs continuing to knock me back down. 

Suddenly This Was Not k9 roleplay

My swim bottom got snagged on the paw of one of the pups. I whimpered and so did he. The two of us tried to free ourselves when suddenly it was ribbed off of my body. That morning I had found myself excited after sneaking a peek of my cousin putting on his swimsuit. Truly, I knew it was wrong for me to touch my privates. However, it felt amazing and I did so till I came in my tight swimsuit bottoms. Of course, this scent was still on me, attracting the dog to push his big wet nose against my puss. 

Letting it Happen

I moaned and tried to escape as he sniffed forcefully against my pussy. His tongue started to lick me. I whimpered trying to free myself. However, they were both way larger than I was, and far more strong. They began to encourage their dogs to enjoy a snack. I whimpered and begged them to stop. However, with the approval of their owner all three of them started licking my holes. Flat and wide they invaded my space like a dog trying to empty peanut butter out of a kong. Then, one of the boys called the biggest up towards my face.

Being the Hot K9 Slut I wanted to be

Unaware of what they were doing I did just as he probed, asking him to give me more. As he positioned his dog a little better he encouraged me to close my eyes and open my mouth. Suddenly a cock penetrated across my tongue as his pup humped my face. My eyes were wide as my cousins called me a pup slut for me sucking their dog’s cock. 

Cousin’s Fun

However, they were not done, telling me the best thing would be to k9 roleplay. I was a dog. One of the boys squeezed my little breast as I got on my hands and knees. He pulled out his cock and told me to stroke it as suddenly I felt something long and hard to enter inside of me. At the time I did not know what was going on. However, now I know better. They were starting my k9 roleplay obsession young! 

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