“I don’t want to hear a single word uttered from your lips. I just want you to listen to me….”
You obey and say nothing like a good boy.

“My fingers trailing down from my bright red lips…”
I know you can just imagine all the things my lips could do to you

“Trailing down my neck and shoulder….”
It’s agony how much of a sultry tease I am

“Down it goes to brush lightly over the tops of my creamy globes…”
I can hear that sharp inhale of breath
“My fingers are toying with a rose colored nipple it’s getting hard….”
I know you want to wrap your mouth around that hardened nipple

“Mmmm… oh god it feels so good, they are so fucking sensitive….”
I can hear your breath quickening and I know your stroking that cock nice and fast

“I’m letting the index finger on my other hand trail lower…”
You really wish it was you doing it don’t you?

“It’s lightly grazing against the outter lips of my pretty…”

Your ready to burst listening eagerly to every single word now


That’s all you’re going to get until you call me….


Don’t you just love a good cock tease?