Well. Dirty whore that I am, I finally did it.

My best friend’s cheating husband just wouldn’t give up until he made this hot little pussy his! All day long today, I got dirty text messages about how he wanted to go down on me for hours, until I BEGGED to stop cumming. … how he was going to shove his married cock deep inside me and fuck me bareback until he came inside my slutty homewrecking cunt! Ding, Ding! Message after message, making my pussy drip and my head spin until I finally couldn’t stand it anymore, and agreed to let him come over.

The second the door closed behind him, my back was against the wall, my wrists pinned above me in one of his strong hands; the other feeling my body all over as he pressed his hungry lips against mine. I was SO fucking turned on! I know it’s wrong, but FUCK ME, he is SO fucking sexy! He’s the first guy I’ve ever fucked that talks just as dirty as I do! I screamed SO loud when he was fucking into my pussy deeply, telling me what a bad little homewrecking whore I was, and how he was going to make it hurt a little.. because he knew that I secretly wanted to be punished.

…. he was right. I BEGGED for him to slam it harder… HARDER! Until finally he shot his hot married load of cum deep inside my fertile womb, where it is still safely tucked away. Filling me up and making me belong to him. … who wants to slide their tongue into my juicy little slut box and lick out that cream pie? MMMM. I can’t WAIT until the next time he wants to come over again! Next time, he says he wants to tie me to the bed! … I think I might be in LUST!

Stay tuned for more of my naughty homewrecking adventures with my best friend’s cheating husband! Or, you can ALWAYS call me up and BE the cheating married man that fills my pussy with your cock and your cum!

Your dirty homewrecking slut,

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