I had a great life when I was growing up.. I always got everything I wanted – a true daddy’s girl. I got in trouble every now and then, for simple school mistakes.. but my daddy never got mad at me, he’d just tell me to do a little better, be a little nicer. Soon I went off to college and was having the time of my life.. getting in a little bit more trouble than I should. I was having too many late-night adventures and my grades were slipping the first year.. but luckily, I passed, and was on my merry way back home for the summer. It was going to be great to see my old friends again, and my dad. I knew he missed me – he’d been sending e-mails and calling when he got the chance, but I was always busy. Now we could talk all the time again. However.. when I got back, daddy had a few more plans for me – I guess he missed me more than he’d let on!

It started one night after watching a movie, we were laying around on the living room couch, my legs were relaxed and sprawled over his lap, and he was leaning back just talking. But something changed in the matter of a second – he almost looked mischievous. And he slowly pushed my legs aside and started leaning in, breaking the platonic ice with a long, slow kiss, and wandering hands. “You’ve been pretty bad this year, Kali,” he whispered, moving my hands up above my head and holding them against the arm rest. “I think it’s time you see what daddy does to bad girls..”

I looked up at him curiously, my panties getting wet quickly from the idea. I wasn’t sure why – was it just because of the sexual nature of what he had said? Was it because he was reminding me of one of the guys I’d played with in college? Or was it because I may actually have wanted to fuck my dad? Could I really do the father/daughter thing? As it turns out – I could. He went easy at first, with wandering hands and a light touch.. but then his lips were everywhere. His mouth wandered over me as he took out all his lust on my body, and soon his cock joined in on the adventure.. but that one wasn’t gentle at all. It was rough, incestuous, wild, and .. at the end of the day, I actually enjoyed it. The father/daughter sex thing had never crossed my mind.. but he’d jumped that barrier without even asking.. did he know all along that I would actually like it? I guess he did.. we had plenty of dirty talking and adventures after that, even leading up to phone sex when I went back to college – and even those whispered fantasies were enough to get my panties soaking wet.. I can’t wait to try it again!

Wanna ask Kali what else she’s done with her daddy? Call 1-888-317-3123 😉