Make Sure You Have Your Happy July Fourth Fuck!

So, have you had a July Fourth fuck?  We all have those fantasies that we’ve kept hidden under the surface.  Some of these stories never come to light.  However, it doesn’t make these fantasies any less hot.

It was no surprise my dad loved fun slutty girls in college.   There were a lot of choice girls that he chased during college.  I’m not surprised that he was quite the lady’s man before he settled down with my mother.  Now that I think of it, I wondered if he really settled down or got his desires under wraps.  For the most part, my dad was an equal opportunist.  Generally speaking, my dad loved all shapes and sizes.

It was no secret that I had wet fantasies about my dad and sometimes my mommy growing up.  There were times I would go to brush my teeth and my dad was in the shower.  I would peek at the glass partition and see an outline of him showering.  Another time I caught my dad masturbating in his bed.  I couldn’t look away from his cock in particular.  He was so hung, with a large head and balls.

So as time went on, I grew to be a hot teen with a sexy physique.  I knew my dad looked at me growing up.  Sometimes I would catch him looking over at me, then look away.  He loved looking at my friends who would come over to the house.  As an example, he loved looking at Caren’s long legs, Becky’s big tits, and Terra’s round ass.  There was no doubt what Dad was doing when he would suddenly disappear into his bedroom.

July fourth fuck…at my dad’s house?

Not really a place you would go over to have some fun right?  Well, we didn’t think so either.  My dad invited me to come over to the house for the weekend.  He told me I could bring the girls over.  When he said the girls he was referring to Becky, Caren, and Terra.  You see, we all grew up together.

So let me start by saying fireworks are a big part of our celebration coupled with the cookout we had in the summertime.  Ordinarily, we have a cookout, swim in the pool, and then we set off the colorful fireworks.  It’s so much fun!

On the morning of July Fourth, we woke up and dressed for the day.  I had full intentions to dip myself under the cool water and get some sun.  We had our cookout and everyone was so full.  There was so much food and everyone was extremely full.  Then came my favorite part:  the fireworks.

My dad went down below to get the fireworks in the basement.  He didn’t come back so I went to find him.  I went down the stairs and saw my dad sitting on the couch.  He had his cock out and was stroking it up and down.  I couldn’t look away from his big bulge.

All my desires came to the surface!

My pussy became wet watching him stroking his dick.  He started in surprise but didn’t even take his hands away from his cock.  Dad just stroked and breathed abandoning all of his inhibitions that he had kept under the surface all those years.  I sat down and took his cock in my small hands.  My hands stroked up and down that hard shaft all the way to his head.

My dad kissed me softly, cupping my firm tits.  It felt so good to be with my dad again.  Suddenly I heard footsteps overhead and giggling.  The girls came down the stairs and started in surprise.  The giggling turned to interest.

Caren giggled and asked my dad why he was masturbating when we all could take care of him.  Then came the confessions of all the girls and the crushes they’d had on my dad for so long.

Caren knelt down and took my dad’s cock in her mouth.  I loved watching her suck cock.  She was known for giving great head on her dates.  Caren was definitely a slut for sure.  All the girls took turns teasing and sucking my dad.  There was so much more that happened.  For the time being, the fireworks were put on hold.

I want to hear your July Fourth fuck stories.  Does this lusty tale make you ready for some hot phone sex?   Let’s start the fireworks early babe.  Call me!

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