Fun Slutty Girls Just Want to Party!

Do you have any fun slutty girls in your workplace?  I’m sure we are all guilty of looking at a hot coworker up and down.  Guys undress girls with their penetrating stares and girls gush over the hot married boss.  Well, I have one friend who was known for being a notorious pervert.  Mark always fantasized about girls.  Recently, Mark told me that he fancied two new hires to the company.  I think he took his obsession to deep levels of fantasy.  He pictured Lacey and Jen in many of his group sex stories.

Trust me, when Mark wanted something, he was bound and determined to get his way.  Believe me, Jen and Lacey knew he had his sights set on them.  Attempts to talk to them were not having any success.  Not surprisingly, Jen and Lacey only had an interest in one another.  They had no wish for fun directly with Mark.  Mark’s one Xmas wish was to have both girls in his office and have an awesome threesome.  Visions of a steamy threesome flooded his thoughts.

The day of the big Xmas party arrived. 

The office was converted to allow room for food, drinks, and dancing.  All the workers were dressed in their prettiest dresses and suits.  All participants at the party ate and drank to their heart’s content.  Everyone was in their element.  Guys and girls flirted freely.  Lacey and Jen even flirted with Mark.  They toyed with him making him hard.  Each girl took a turn and danced with Mark making sure to efficiently stir him below.  It was more than Mark could take.  He had to have some pussy.

Frustrated Mark went to his office to collect himself.  He was at his desk having a drink when there came a knock at his office door.  Lacey and Jen didn’t wait for an answer and walked into the room closing the door behind them.  Each girl sat on his desk and said they were ready to play and give him his ultimate Xmas fantasy.  They made Mark strip down to his boxers.  Jen and Lacy wanted to control the fun while having some playtime.  Today the tides would turn.

Jen and Lacey started to kiss one another.  Their lips mingled and tongues explored.  Jen pulled Lacey’s hard nipples.  Lacey was blonde with perky small tits and Jen was a redhead with big tits.  Mark was instructed to stroke his cock through his boxers.  Lacey lay on the desk with her legs spread.  Mark wanted that pink pussy.  Jen devoured Lacey licking and tasting her girlfriend in front of Mark.  After Lacey climaxed, Jen lifted Lacey’s legs and started licking her asshole.

Mark begged for permission to stroke his cock. 

Next poor Mark was granted permission to remove his boxers and show them his dick.  The sight of his small three-inch weenie made them laugh.  Both girls started howling and pointing.  Neither of them wanted that tiny dick inside of them.  How humiliating, two lovely girls and not enough man to handle them.  Lacey laughed as Jen instructed Mark to take his two fingers and stroke that tiny dick.  Mark couldn’t take the pressure any longer.  His hand vigorously masturbated his weenie.

Jen and Lacey put on a live show for Mark to watch.  The two lovers pleasing one another as he watched helplessly, unable to look away.  When they finished coming all over his desk, they put on their clothes and left Mark in his office.    Frustrated,  Mark dressed.  He may as well go enjoy the rest of the party.  Just as he was leaving his office, he saw a pair of panties on the ground.  Lacey’s panties had pussy juice all over the crotch.  Perhaps Mark’s evening wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Fun slutty girls definitely know how to party.  I love naughty taboo phone sex!  The kinkier the fantasy the hotter I become.  Call me now!



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