My daddy loves those juicy panties.

Juicy panties are a tell-tale sign that I was having some very dirty dreams. My daddy loves when he wakes up and can come wake me up too.. He’ll slide his hand right down into my panties because he knows it’s the sweetest, quickest way to get me up! Can you imagine his pleasant surprise when he realizes I’m wet and creamed all over them? I can lie and say I’ve been a good girl, and I can pretend I’m not having dirty thoughts, but my panties always give it away. Just like guys can spring boners to give themselves away, well, I can’t contain how wet I get! And no one usually knows..other than daddy. He slides his hands into my panties so much, he knows the difference now!

It’s a good little morning wake up routine, too. He comes into my room and gets me up, and if I’m already wet, he makes me even wetter. Those juicy panties are always dripping by the time he’s done, and then he yanks them right off of me so he can get a taste. Sometimes he starts licking and tasting them while they’re still on me, but he likes to stuff them in his mouth and suck the juices right out as he rubs his cock against me. He’ll get it rock hard just from being able to smell how wet they are, and from getting it over his tongue.. All those dirty dreams come to light as soon as he starts asking, because as wet and turned on as I am, he won’t slide it in unless I tell him what I was dreaming about! He can be a little mean.. but damn, is it worth it. 😉 My daddy doesn’t give a damn about it, he doesn’t care if being able to play with me makes him late to work sometimes, he just smells that little pussy and has to go for it!

Come play with me.

Taboo Phone sex with Kali