Juicy Cotton Panties

One thing my daddy always loved was a dirty pair of cotton panties.  I caught him more than a few times rummaging through my dirty clothes to get a sniff.  Some might have been grossed out, but I saw it as a chance for an opportunity.   I knew he would hate it if I told mommy he was being such a pervert.

I set my plan into action.   He was so easy to catch too.  I took off my panties and went to get in the shower.  I let the water run and waited about ten minutes before I headed back into my room for something I “forgot”.  With my phone in hand, I snapped a couple pictures of my daddy face deep in the crotch of dirty panties.  As badly as I wanted to laugh right then and there, I knew he would take my phone if I did.

After my shower, I uploaded the pictures onto my computer and printed out one just for my own entertainment.  I laughed again looking at it printed out.  His tongue was out, eyes clothed, and obviously enjoying the aroma of my juicy panties.  When mommy made his lunch for work that night, I crept downstairs and slip it in his bag.

I wish I could have seen the look of horror on his face when he saw it.   From that day on I had him wrapped around my itty bitty finger. I would make snide remarks about going pantie shopping and ask him if he wanted my old ones.  What was he going to do?  His bratty little girl was now his master and he was my puppet.

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