Join Us By The Pool And Watch Me Get Fucked!

It’s time for you to watch me! I hadn’t been dating Gary for too long before I decided to open up about my sexual desires and deviant ways to him. He thought he was just going to strut around with this hot trophy, with his old ass and all it was going to cost him, was a few bills and a few dinners….little did he know the TRUE cost of having full access to this hot box. After all, Gary was 67 and I was 24 at the time, so if anything, he should have been begging me to be with him…HeHeHe.

I told him that it was about time that he really starts to cater to me and that not only did I love to get fucked. I loved to get fucked in front of large groups of people. At first, Gary acted all surprised and acted offended, but then I promptly reminded him of the fact that we met on the strip and how interesting I thought his friends and family might find that the whole, “We met at church” routine, was a crock of shit. I pretty much told Gary that our little secret would cum to light, should he decide not give me my way.

Needless to say, after some convincing, Gary was more than willing to acquiesce to my request.

Shortly after making my position very clear to Gary, he decided to throw was swingers party at our house, in the backyard, by the pool. The kind of party where all the couples only got to swing with me, in front of everyone else! Gary, as I stated before, was a little surprised by this whole idea, but once things got underway. He completely let go and allowed himself to kick off the festivities with a good BANG!! HeHeHe! Right there in front of everyone, he began to eagerly eat my snatch and after a short while, I was cumming all over his face.

Right before Gary was about to stick his stick in, he whispered in my ear, “I don’t think I can keep going, Veronica!” It was then that I reminded him of the leverage I have over him and suddenly he was able to get over himself and FUCK me.

Once his made his first thrust, everything was smooth sailing from there.

The couples loved to watch me, waiting for their turn to have their way with me and once Gary was finished, they all lined up and away we all went into pure bliss and ecstasy. I loved every min of it and by the time it was all said and done, all of my holes were blown out, sore and swollen…but the fun wasn’t over yet. Oh no no no, to punish me for blackmailing him, Gary had something in store for me……to hear every agonizing detail, call me, enjoy kinky phone sex with me and I will share them with you!!

Teen Phone Sex!