Pleasure zones are essential to a great sex life, but you have to be a giver as much as a taker!  To derive the most pleasure, you must have the foresight to know how, and when to use that pleasure to its full advantage.  What do I mean by that?  You can’t just go around cumming, willy-nilly.  To build to that earth-shattering climax there needs to be some denial going on too.

You need to KNOW where the zones ARE, so don’t spend time guessing!  Spend that time eXXXploring your own body!  Touch yourself, rub, probe and pay attention to what makes the little bumps on your nipples rise. What starts the floodgates opening on your sexual soul?  Maybe you derive your greatest pleasure from finding, then exploring those pleasure zones with your partner?

Ever notice how a simple touch, a lick, sigh, or moan can turn YOU on more than you thought possible?  So, pay attention to those same sounds and tactile sensations from your partner.  Think outside the box on what society labels as “normal”.  What the fuck do “they” know?  What matters most is the new reaction you get from me!  Make me scream your name, nails digging into your flesh.  Make me squirt all over the bed, Baby!

Everyone craves great sex; but, are you willing to give what it takes to bring out your sexual demons?  Try it, you’ll like it, then do something different.  Push the limits.  Get uncomfortable and throw caution to the wind. You’ll be SHOCKED by how much more action you’ll get just by being an attentive lover. That does NOT mean take the fuck out of fucking! Find your balance right here with your JOEY!

Think you know the way to my heart?