As a naughty young slut, I have some pretty kinky fantasies running around in my head. Unsurprisingly, one of them is a hot Christmas gangbang. Jingle balls a banging, if you will.

Of course, I a bit of a go-getter. I like setting my mind on something and going after it. For this fantasy, my goal is by the year-end. Yes, I get tons of sex and fun.

However, many of my interactions don’t come with the gangbang fun I am craving. Mostly because I have been playing with a lot of gay and bisexual guys lately. They have my pussy so wet and creamy.

Now I am ready for jingle balls a banging, and hot straight men focusing all on me!

Please know I do fuck lots of straight guys, just not all at once. Due to my recent craving for a hot straight gangbang, I have been working on getting something scheduled for us all to play together. A big event held somewhere fun.

My friend, and fuck buddy, works for a nice hotel in town. He can get a great discount on their biggest suite. That way, we have a huge bedroom and bed to play in while there are jingle balls a banging.

Thankfully, my fantasy becomes a reality before the end of the year. Not only that, but they can fuck me all over that gorgeous VIP suite. The guys I am chatting with are all willing to chip in to pay for the room.

That means all I have to do is show up looking beautiful and fuckable.

To be honest, my pussy is already tingling with excitement. I am dripping juices thinking about all the fun we will have with jingle balls a banging. I remember my first gangbang, and what a blast it was!

Being a young, naive college girl, I was new to those big, black cocks. Seeing them up close was quite the eye-opener. And, definitely a game-changer for my sex life.

Of course, now, I am a wild cum slut into so many different kinky fetishes. The sky is the limit with me. There is pretty much nothing I won’t try at least once.

Jingle balls a banging is going to be an epic gangbang.

For this event, I have every type of guy coming to play. This time I am not just inviting a few to fuck me. I want it to last all night long and then some. So, I have about fifteen guys committed to coming.

All of them are straight and have decent or above-average cocks. I want to feel them in all my holes. Even more so, I want them to stretch me during jingle balls a banging.

Make this girl feel the dicks. Along with the gangbang fun, I also want the bukkake showers. They are going to cover me in their yummy and gooey cum. I want to feel it all over my body.

Of course, every guy attending will have multiple climaxes throughout the night.

Who knows how many my barely legal tight pussy will satisfy? I won’t even be able to keep count during jingle balls a banging. It is our big night, and they all show up hard and ready.

I am naked and waiting for them. As they come into the suite, I am on my knees, greeting them and their hard rods. Once everyone has arrived, we go to the bedroom to start with a spitroast.

Call me for some hot phone sex and all the details of our crazy gangbang night!

And, if you want to read about my first gangbang, check out Amateur BBC Gangbang.


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