Jillian’s Piss And He Jerks Off 

It’s amazing how much crazy shit and in this case piss you say when you’ve had too much to drink. I was at this bar, got a bit tipsy and struck up a conversation with this guy. He was drunk off his ass and was flirting like hell with me. I was just far gone enough to go with it instead of telling him to get lost.

After a while I had to pee so I went to excuse myself when he asked if I was leaving already. I explained I was just going to the bathroom. He said that it was a shame for a pretty girl like me to waste her sweet golden piss by flushing it away. I asked him if he had a better idea and he said he did. He put his arm around my waist and pulled me close to him. He put his hand on my stomach, just over my bladder and lightly pressed down. “Piss on me.” I stared at him very puzzled.

He told me that he wanted me to piss on his dick while he jerked off. That surprisingly didn’t sound too bad, so I told him to buy me another drink so I’d have more for him. I drank until I felt as if my bladder could hold no more; that’s when we headed to his place. 

     He took me into the bathroom and he put a bunch of towels on the floor before we got undressed. He asked me to wait a few moments as he had me straddle his stomach. I did and he put his hands on my bladder, rubbing it and giving it little pushes. Little dribbles of piss leaked out on him and he put his fingers on it, rubbing it over his skin. Soon my bladder was spasming hard and I was on the verge of losing control, so I told him I was ready. He bent his knees and I got up a bit, leaning back and bracing my hands on his knees while squatting over his dick. He grabbed his dick and began to jerk off. I thought I’d give him a little more motivation so I told him that I felt so full and was about to explode.

I relaxed my muscles and let a little out. He moaned as the piss landed on him and I clamped my muscles shut. It was so hard to stop and it hurt but I made myself do it. He jerked himself a bit faster and then said he was getting close. I relaxed my muscles again and let go. It felt so good as I finally pissed. I must have gone for at least a minute. I watched him as my piss landed on him, most of it getting on his dick. He pushed his hips up and moaned then started to cum. I kept going and knew I’d have enough in me to last until he was done. It was so hot seeing him shoot his load as my piss splattered over him and mixed with his cum.

     My stream slowed down then trickled to a stop as he gave his dick a few soft strokes. I felt so empty with all of that out of me! I can’t believe I held so much. So I stood up and said that after all that beer I’d probably go again soon so he might as well stay where he was.

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