Jillians Daddy Gave Us A Ride In His Limo

Jillian has been my BFF forever now.  We do everything together. I mean everything.  Including her father.   Oh yes,  Big Daddy Victor Hart likes to bone his little girl when no one is looking.  She had told me this the night right before prom.  I begged her to ask him for a ride to the prom in his limo.  She did and he totally agreed to it as long as he was there and it was just Jillian and I.   I was very content, that was just meaning my plans were coming together even before I had acted on them.

Just as I had suspected, her Father was going to have to take an unexpected detour.  I knew what was going to happen.  So I sat back in my seat spreading my legs so he could see right up to my panties, enticing this mother fucker to make his move.   Oh and boy did he try to fight it.  Acting all fidgety, sticking his hands in his pocket, licking his lips.

I moved over to Jillian smelling her hair,  his eyes were all over my every move. Jillian took that as a cue and placed her hand right next to his throbbing cock.  It was so funny to watch because he was trying so hard to discreetly get her fingers to just touch it the tiniest little bit

“Touch it.” I said.  ” I can see it.  It is throbbing, aching, dying to be played with.”  I said teasingly as I started playing in my panties.

Jillian slowly pulled her Daddy’s dick out of his pants to give that poor guy some air.  Was not even a half of a second later he was deep throating my best friend.  However, the best part was I was totally getting great pics of him gagging his little girl.  Even though he had a hot cock just begging to be rode on, his daughter looked like she was being choked to death.   I knew that Jillian and I would be rich after this.  We were going to have that dick as our cake and you bet we were going to eat it too.

After I had a sufficient amount of photos to cause years of blackmail phone sex and turmoil.  I licked my best friends clit while she rode his cock.  Then he stood up, bent us both over took turns filling each of our holes until he made us suck him the rest of the way off.  Shooting his nasty perverted jizz all over our faces.  Making us lick it off from each other.  I guess its ok though.  I know we are having the last laugh after this limo ride.

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