The softer side of Jillian. Stroke my panties

So I was laying in my bed, my eyes closed, a little pair of black panties on.  Lacy on the back, solid on the front.  A green tank top, no bra.  Laying on my right side, being the little spoon, to your big spoon, when I feel your hand reach onto my naked hip. You try to tug my panties down with your finger…

I stop you, grab your hand and pull your arm around my chest, over my heart.  Your warm body pressed up against me and I get goosebumps…
I feel you hard behind me.  I push my round bottom back onto you.  I squeeze your hand deeper over my heart, and you can feel my heart racing.  I hold you there – and you stay – My whole body is trembling, and you kiss my neck, and whisper something in my ear.
I turn and roll into you, looking right at you, sliding my knee in between your thighs, pushing up on your full balls.  I reach up to kiss you, but just brush my lips up to yours.  You feel the warmth from them across your lips.  I put my hands on your shoulders and climb onto daddy’s lap, still dressed.  I let you reach, and slide my tank top off of me.  I press down on your hard cock with my pantied pussy and you can feel me wet through them.  You reach up to grab my tits, you squeeze them, you sit up, you run your lips across them.  I arch my back.  I moan. I grind and press down on you.
I grab your hand, and glide it down into my panties, one finger first, then two, then three, and you get a rhythm going, feeling me drip down your fingers, hearing me beg you to make me cum, my body moving with your fingers, you go faster, deeper, and harder until I grab and squeeze the back of your neck and cum down your fingers –
I push you back down on the bed, and I crawl up your body, over your face – I smother your mouth with my glistening pussy and make you lick me up and down, over and over, in and out, until I grab the headboard, push down on you and cum again.  You reach up, grab for my tits and I roll over on to my back – begging you to crawl inside of…begging you to be in me, panting, moaning, needing YOU!
Only YOU!
Just YOU!
As soon as you dip into me, electricity pulses through me, you dig into me deep and long until you are all the way inside of me, and you slowly pump, in and out, making me feel every inch of you, each time you do it, kissing my neck, kissing my tits, one hand holding both of my wrists above my head so I can only move with your body.   We move together as if we are a perfect fit.  The more you kiss me, the more your drive yourself into me, the more i squirm under you, and you know that you are going to make me cum if you can only hold yourself off a few more seconds – I get my hands free and grab your hair and pull your face into my body, reach my other hand down to pull you out of me, squeeze my thighs around your body, and stroke you all over my tummy while you put your fingers back inside of me and coax me back to orgasm too…at the same time.
You collapse into my body – your toes curl – you fall asleep – and when you wake up – you’re the big spoon, right behind me, your hand on my heart, and me, with my panties and tank top on sleeping peacefully.
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