Jillian Lost Her Virginity!

I was in the back of a Hyundai Accent with no clothing on. It was so cold outside but I felt on fire knowing he was going to take my virginity. Scott got was moving the two front seats all the way forward so that we’d have more room in the back. Once he got back into the car he proceeded to take his pants off.

Virginity Jillian's Virginitymobile

I reached into my purse and grabbed a condom. With shaking hands I passed it to him. Now this wasn’t Scott’s first time, but he knew it was mine. He put his hand to my face and gently touched down my neck. He slipped the condom on and then laid me back onto the seat. As I moved my body down, and placed my back onto the seat, I became even more nervous! Was it going to hurt? Would I have an orgasm? Would it feel good?

I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about these random things. I knew I needed to just relax and let everything happen. I pulled my legs up and part as he leaned in and kissed me. I felt his cock right at my entrance but it hadn’t gone inside yet. I braced myself for what was about to happen. As he started to push inside of me I closed my eyes tight!

After a few moments I opened my eyes and looked at him. He seemed nervous for just a moment. “Are you in?” I asked. With the most hurt look on his face he replied, “Yes!” I froze! Why didn’t it hurt? He had a big dick but it wasn’t huge. I waited for a few more moments. Then he pushed harder inside! I thought I was going to shoot out of that car! NOW I felt him there.

He thrust back and forth a few times as I let the discomfort rush through my body. He stilled, moaned and then stopped moving all together. He pulled out of me, took the condom off, threw it out the window and then helped me get redressed.

Now this wasn’t glamorous at all! Oh how I wish I could rewrite this story! Want to help me? How would you take my virginity at the young age of 16? Would you be gentle and soft, or rough and fast? In a hotel, or your marriage bed? Do tell me how you’ve imagined it in your mind 😉 Lets make this a reality!

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