Jillian Is As Edible As Ever! Want A Taste?

Playing with food in the bedroom can be an edible treat! But it can also be a massive mess. The real trick is to make that mess work in your favor. Nathan and I had been dating for a couple of months when I decided to spice things up for us. Valentine’s Day was right around the corner, and it was the perfect time to have some edible fun.

I called my girlfriend Julie and convinced her to come over and help me. I got a ton of edible treats but placing them on my own naked body was going to be a pain in the ass. Before Julie arrived I went to my favorite waxing place and had nearly every inch of my body waxed. My entire body was as smooth as a baby’s bottom!

Julie arrived, a bit nervous as to what I had in mind but still excited. I showed her the raspberries (his favorite fruit) and told her just how to place them in my crotch. I crossed my ankles so they wouldn’t fall off, and away she went with decorating. Once they were in place and then had her grab the chocolate sauce. Oh what an edible treat we were making! She drizzled it down my breasts to my crotch. She then made sure to get plenty of the yummy fruit.

We both heard Nathan pull into the driveway. Julie grabbed the remaining supplies and ran out the back door! Friends are amazing for this stuff! Nathan walked in the front door and found me lying on the table. He stopped dead in his tracks. I watched as his cheeks flushed to the sweetest shade of red. What a sweet and innocent man he was. “Babe, want to come here? I have the most delicious and edible treat for you…I promise it won’t disappoint!”

He slowly walked over to me. I watched as his growing cock pressed against his pants. He got to my side and slowly bent over to lick some of the chocolate up. I tensed with desire for him. He then began to eat the berries from my pussy. Every now and then he’d grab one and bring it to my mouth! Oh, what a delicious treat this was watching him, and feeling him lick every trail of yumminess!

Before long, we were in the shower, my back pressed against the wall. He had one of my legs in his arm as he was pressing his cock in and out of me. I held on to him tightly as I took pleasure in every inch of him slipping in and out of my pussy. He fucked me in the shower until we both came. Then we took our little party to the bedroom where we enjoyed some more edible fun!

After that story, I’m going into diabetic shock and I love it almost as much as Hot Phone Sex!

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