I am from Buffalo.  So,  obviously I am Bills fan.   My boy toy  (a Jets fan), wanted a date where we watched the  Bills/Jets game together.   I pondered the thought for a moment.  Then decided that there would be some terms to this game date.

I demanded he be dressed as a HUGE Buffalo Bills Fan.   I wanted the face paint, the jersey, the colors, pom poms, I demanded it all.   If Buffalo scored he had to cheer, cheer, and fucking cheer.  Then he had to do a shot and chug his drink he made with piss cubes straight out of the freezer.  When the Jets pissed me off, I would just take it out on that pathetic sorry excuse of a man.  You know, spanking his ass repeatedly.  Making him whip his own ass with a curtain rod a few thousand times.

In between all these little cheers and celebrations, I had to make sure that this little bitch was fed properly.  Can’t be cheering for  teams on an empty stomach.  I made him make him self a sandwich, drop it on the, stomp on it, and then walk across the floor with it stuck to the bottom of his feet.  When I finally thought his sandwich had cured enough, I made him eat it.   All of it, including he had to lick any crumbs that were left on the floor.

When the final score came in I made this ugly slut celebrate the Jets loss like a real fan!  Covered the loser up in chocolate syrup, made him make himself try is best to look like a masterpiece of art. HAHA what a sight.  He tragically failed.  He was no masterpiece.  He was just a filthy piece of shit all a mess.  Standing right in front of me.

He needed to clean himself up.  I made him take a cold bath.   Had him get all squeaky clean for me.  One last final shot of the game, I made him take a shot glass and fill it with that dirty cold tub water.   “Cheers motherfucker…. Drink up you dirty little dick bag!”  I demanded as I ended the celebration.