There is nothing that I love more than to tell you exactly how to stroke your hard pulsing dick. I have always been completely transparent when it comes to what I want. And what I want is to control your cock, your balls, and your cum. Listening to you stroke your cock during Jerk Off Instruction Phone Sex / JOI Phone Sex makes my pussy so fucking wet! So it shouldn’t be a surprise to you that I am away from Phone Sex Kingdom at the moment because I am hosting my very own Jerk Fest 2018.

And before you begin thinking that this is just a bunch of frat boys jerking each other off, you are wrong. Although, that would be fucking hot! No, my dear friends; Jerk Fest 2018 is your tease and denial mistress jerking off cock after cock after cock. Stroking those rock-hard dicks until that warm, thick load is released. I will not be satisfied until I have drained every last drop of cum from those aching balls.

I am not a cold-weather girl at all. So as soon as the weather started to get cool, I booked a flight to a place where I would be surrounded by sand, sun, and sperm. You see, I have spent all year edging your cock and teasing you to the point of despair. And now this is my chance to release all of that built-up tension. As much as I love to tell you to “Stroke It For Brittany” during our hot phone sex calls. I love to dig in and get my hands dirty sometimes too.

Still not convinced that your orgasm denial queen would allow any cock the opportunity to cum? Well, let me tell you how day one of jerk fest 2018 went, and then you can decide.

All that it took was a quick post on social media announcing free handjobs and as you can imagine the horny, eager cocks were lined up to greet me. I arrived at the secluded cove on the beach a couple of hours before the advertised time. I haven’t felt the warm sand between my toes or tasted the salty ocean water since my summer vacation in Europe. After enjoying a swim, I stripped off the black string bikini top and g-string that I was wearing and laid out on my beach towel to soak up the sun.

I must have dozed off because I woke up to a crowd of guys surrounding me. Blinking my eyes and trying to refocus my vision, I realized that behind the circle of guys that surrounded me, there was a line of hot, horny men waiting to have their cocks stroked. Most of them already had their dicks in their hands, jerking off to my sun-kissed naked body while I slept. Biting my bottom lip, I sat up on my knees with a determined look on my face. What else was a girl to do while surrounded by pulsating cocks?

Wrapping each hand around the base of a thick cock, I slowly teased and massaged their dicks. By now I must have had at least a dozen guys circled around me. All anxiously awaiting their chance to feel my soft hands caress their engorged erections. As I gripped my hands tighter around the shafts, I began jerking their cocks faster. My hands were sliding up and down in unison with each other. Each exploring the thick veins that led a path from the base to the thick mushroom head.

The First Cum Shot Of Jerk Fest 2018

I traced along with the thick heads with my fingertips, rubbing the precum around the tip. Have you noticed the way that a cock twitches when you tease it to the edge? It’s fucking insane! I gasped audibly, unable to contain my own arousal. Just then, I watched as the guy to my right squeezed his eyes shut while throwing his head back. He started thrusting his hips towards me, begging for more. I wrapped my hands around the base of their cocks and began pumping them up and down while slightly twisting my wrists mid-stroke. The faster I stroked; the faster their hard cocks throbbed in my palms. The guy to my left let out a deep moan while curling his toes, his body trembled and his knees got weak as cum shot out of his cock and onto my tits.

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