Jen’s Too Fertile 4 Her Friend’s Dad

My best friend in middle school was Courtney Stanford and every weekend she always invited me over to her house for a little slumber party. Courtney’s dad was a single parent and she seemed so loving and close. I thought it was kind of weird because I had ZERO relationships with my dad so, to see the two they all hugged up all of the time just seemed awkward to me. This one particular weekend Courtney and her dad seemed to really be EXTRA close for some reason.

It seemed like every time I looked up he was patting her on the butt or giving her a peck on the lips. It seemed really bizarre. When I asked Courtney about it she said that it was nothing more than what I had been seeing all of the other times. So for the rest of my stay, I just tried to ignore what was going on. That was until I couldn’t ignore it anymore.

That night, while I was sleeping in Courtney’s room a strange sound woke me up. It was something that I had heard before but, coming out of a deep sleep, I couldn’t quite recognize the sound. I rubbed my eyes and looked at Courtney’s bed and my mouth dropped. There she was, on her knees sucking her dad’s cock. The sucking and slurping sounds that woke me up were coming from Courtney’s mouth bobbing up and down on her dad’s large dick.

I became frozen in bed.

I didn’t want them to know that I was watching but, then again, did they want me to wake up and watch? They were both naked and Courtney’s dad was fondling her small breast and nipples while she sucked him hard. When she laid back on the bed and started pulling her dad’s cock towards her pussy I slid my hand down my panties. He started fucking his own daughter right there in front of me and my clit felt so good while I massaged it and watched the show.

He slammed his body into hers and told her that she was his good girl. Hearing him say that made my pussy almost explode and I whimpered a bit. When they heard me they both turned my way. I tried to pretend like I was asleep but they knew I was up. Then I heard Courtney say, “Daddy you should finish in Jen’s mouth”. He thought it was a great idea and after a few more pumps inside of Courtney, he got out of her and walked his throbbing cock over to my face. Courtney followed close behind. She pulled my panties off and started eating my young, horny pussy while her dad jerked his cock off in my mouth.

It didn’t take long for him to cum because he was already so revved up from fucking Courtney.

He emptied his cum in my mouth at the same time I came in Courtney’s mouth. Then they both went down on me, taking turns licking my pussy and making me cum again. I came so much and so hard that I passed out. The last thing I remember is Courtney’s pussy and ass sitting on my face, and her dad’s rock-hard cock going in and out of my ass and pussy.

A few weeks later they both came with me to Planned Parenthood to get the procedure done. Courtney’s dad paid for everything. He kept apologizing and saying that he didn’t know that I wasn’t on birth control and that I was so fertile.

Would you have done the same thing that Courtney’s caring dad did?

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