Jen’s Happy Ending Massage Parlor

There is nothing like a happy ending to a long day. This is why I love opening my home to exhausted men who just need to get away from it all. I purchased a massage table and put it in my bedroom. The men that find me are hard working guys who just need to be pampered and taken care of, but I like to go above and beyond the traditional pampering routine.

When you enter my massage parlor the lights are deem, the incense is burning and the music is low and soothing. I like to offer my guys a refreshing drink before I have them strip down naked and lay face forward on to the massage table. After pumping a few squirts of massage oil in the palms of my hands I start at the base of the neck, working my hands slowly up and down.  It’s amazing how the neck can be so tense and hard.

The male anatomy is so intriguing to me. I can massage, fondle and play with random parts of a man’s body and be completely satisfied all day. After massaging the upper body for about 10 minutes, then I make my way down to the glutes. Using extra massage oil because the glute muscles are the biggest on the body. I use my hands to deeply squeeze and stimulate. By this time I’ve already come out of my clothes and the time has come for the guy to roll over on to his back.

I can’t explain the rush that I get when I see that breeding stick stand straight up at attention when those guys see my bare breasts and my puffy pussy hovering over them. By then the wine or whatever their drink of choice was is heavily coursing through their veins. All of the blood in their bodies are rushing to the genital area. From this point on the edging begins.

I’ll suck for a little bit. Lick and nibble at the balls. Suck some more and then fondle with my fingers laced with lube and massage oil. The combination drives them crazy. As the pre-cum starts to pour out of the dicks I like to tickle the shaft for an extra tease. The nights are long and extremely pleasurable. I can easily transition into anything you want. Anal play, scrotum massage, edging, deep throat blow job, ball and sac massage, anal penetration, pussy play (one of my favs), titty fucking, pussy fucking, cream pie/breeding, eating my pussy…I NEVER shy away from anything.

All I ask is that you come ready to relax, be pleased and CUM HARD JUST FOR ME.

Pick up the phone and have the BEST pleasurable experience of your life!

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