Fertile Cunt Is Deeply Creampied

When I answered the ad on Craigslist I wasn’t all that nervous but, when I knocked on the couple’s door who had placed the ad, for some reason my legs were shaking. The ad simply said “Seeking Fertile Woman. Email back if you are interested in helping a friendly couple conceive a child.” I was bored that day and just wanted to see if the ad was real or fake so, I sent a friendly email.

After I sent the first email the response from the couple came within 2 hours. It read,

“Thank you for replying to our Craigslist post. My wife Emily cannot conceive a child because of medical reasons. Therefore, we are seeking outside help. Compensation is available and immense. Please email back if you are interested and we will set up a time for you to come by and help us with the problem.

Sincerely, Tom”

I couldn’t believe what I had read but, I decided to respond anyway.

“How much is the compensation?


Tom replied 10 minutes later,

“Anywhere between $20k-$50k. Depending on how many times you are willing to help us conceive.”

WHATTTTT! This couldn’t be serious! $50,000 would take care of all of my financial needs AND I would still have some leftover for other things!

I emailed back and said I was in. Tom sent the address to the house and a date was set for me to come by. Before the date, Emily emailed and told me to download an app that would help me track my ovulation. They wanted to make sure that I was extremely fertile for the process.

I was so nervous standing on their porch.  It was the day of the biggest blizzard in history. Tom and Emily said it was the perfect time to come over because Tom would have plenty of time to try and impregnate me while we were snowed in.

Both of them came to the door. They were an attractive couple. Tom, tall and handsome with a sexy smile, and Emily a gorgeous brunette with warm eyes. They welcomed me into their home and acknowledged the unusual circumstances of our meeting. After a few drinks and getting to know one another Emily started playing with my hair. Then she started nibbling on my ear just as Tom and I were discussing the incoming blizzard.

Seeing his wife seduce me made Tom’s cock rock hard. He took his cock out and placed my hand on it. I stroked as he moaned a little and Emily started to play with my nipples. We naturally gravitated to the master bedroom. The king size bed was perfect for the three of us. Both me and Emily began sucking Tom’s cock. Licking his balls and ass. Emily laid on her back and spread her legs wide open. I couldn’t resist spreading her pussy lips open and licking her perfect pussy until she came in my mouth.

I sucked her clit and fucked her pussy hole with my tongue while Tom lubed his cock and forced it deep inside of my fertile pussy in doggy style position. Feeling his balls slap up against my pussy made me cum hard on his cock. Emily put me on my back and held my legs wide open so that Tom get enter inside of my pussy. He slammed his cock deep inside of me. Emily licked the sweat off of his face and told him that it was time for him to give me their baby.

As he fucked me hard Emily licked his balls and my pussy at the same time. I came several more times on Tom’s cock. My pussy juice made it super easy for Tom to slip his cock in and out of my pussy. Eventually, he couldn’t take it any more and with one deep thrust and hold he came so hard inside of me that his cum dripped from my pussy onto the sheets while he was still inside of me. Emily licked up around his balls and my pussy.

Tom fucked me several more times throughout the day and night as the snow kept falling. Later we found out that I didn’t get pregnant during the blizzard but, that didn’t stop us from scheduling more visits. I didn’t mind anyway. Each visit meant more money for me and fuck fun with a hot couple!

Since Tom wasn’t able to get my fertile pussy pregnant on the first round fucking, would you like to give it go?

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