In my early teens there was nothing I or my parents could do to stop my raging hormones. I discovered porn VERY early and when I finally realized what could happen if I gently rubbed my clit in a circular motion for an extended period time, I couldn’t get enough of masturbating. But, after a period of about a year, I started to crave something more in order to satisfy my young sexual cravings.

After trying out several different sized dildos I knew that what I really craved was a grown man’s cock inside of me. Maybe even multiple at one time. I decided that the best way to get what I wanted was to start a babysitting business. So I put an ad on Craigslist and within one hour I had over 50 requests for my services. Most of the emails were from men who said that they just needed someone to come by their house and make sure their kid did their homework and went to bed on time while they worked the night shift. However, when I go to the homes of these men I found that most of them didn’t even have children.

My very first client invited me in and told me that his “son” was sleeping upstairs, but that it was okay for me to come inside anyway. His dick was hard as I sat next to him sipping on the juice that he had given me. I knew what he wanted as soon as he started to rub it and pre-cum started to stain his khakis. So I put my juice down on the coffee table, unzipped his pants, and slowly started to give him a nice sloppy blow job. This was exactly what I hoped would happen with my new business. Dreams really do come true.

I sucked and slurped his cock until his balls became nice and hard. Feeling him throb in my mouth only made my tight pussy get tighter and wetter. I needed to have this man inside of me. When he slipped his hand into my panties, his fingers were dripping wet with my pussy juice when he pulled them back out. He immediately pulled my panties off. He laid me on the couch and entered my pussy as slowly as his horny cock would allow him to. Even though I was super tight, his cock was a perfect fit inside of me. I moaned, as he pushed past my tight pussy walls.

The weight of his body on top of me forced me to take every inch of him inside of my young fuck hole. He fucked me deeper and deeper as I moaned louder and louder. It was like he couldn’t control himself. My pussy felt so good, so wet, so tight, so young, that he had to close his eyes and bite his bottom lip as he made me cum on his cock. The night was magical. Eventually, word got around about the hot little babysitter making rounds in the city. Some guys even had their wives, girlfriends or boyfriends join in with my “babysitting” services.

I still “babysit” every chance that I get. Nothing has changed. I’m still that young girl who craves cock in all of her holes. Let me be your full-time babysitter. Will you let me tuck you in?



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