Jen’s Private Fuck Fest!

When I woke up I was already prepped and ready fuck. The last thing I remembered was having drinks on his couch. He was the nerdy guy from my job that no one even thought of as date-able. I thought he was a cutie. I’ve always known that the nerdy boys had the biggest dicks! I just never knew how freaky they are.

All I heard was him on the phone over and over telling guys to come on over and take there turn. I heard him say that I was tied up and ready to get fucked for as long and as hard as they wanted. Apparently he had said up a special website and got guys in the area interested in “The private fuck fest with Sexy Jen”. He showed me the website on his phone.

It was very professional and well laid out but, then again he was the computer guy at my job. This was a set up all along. The guys were calling him because after they paid their money through the website`they were given a special number to call and get the “details”. I knew those drinks he made me tasted extra tangy but, I just gulped it down because what was Jeff from IT going to do to me. He was harmless…NOT!

This wasn’t the first time Jeff set this fuck fest thing up. He ran the operation as cool as a cucumber. So, there I was, all sprawled out on his bed. My lets and hands were bound down and I had a single body pillow hoisting my stomach area up. He told me he put there so that the guys would have a better aim when they fucked me in my ass and pussy.

I heard the doorbell ring multiple times. I heard the guys laughing and popping open their cans of beer. I heard the hi-fives, and the pants unzipping. They all took turns stuffing my holes, breeding me, and using me as their personal cum dumpster. And all I had to do was lay there and wait for the next round of guys to pour in. Jeff made a killing that night. It was so much money that I couldn’t refuse when he cut me in and gave me a percentage from the night.

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