It just so happens that I am FERTILE this weekend. Just in time for Easter 🙂 I get so horny around this time of the month. I really can’t control my urges once ovulation starts. My body basically tries to trick me into getting pregnant and I will stop at nothing to get my pussy hole fucked and creamed ASAP!

Like the other night for instance. All I did was brush up against a guys knee at the club while he was sitting at the bar and I immediately just had to have him finger fuck me right there! I took his hand as I looked into his eyes. Music was pumping loud, people were dancing and mingling and I? I was getting finger fucked hard by the drunk guy sitting at the bar, and I didn’t give 2 fucks! I begged him to fuck me right there and cum inside of me, but he said that he was too drunk to get his cock up. I didn’t let that stop me.

When I got home my roommate and her boyfriend were passed on the couch. I pulled his cock out of his pants as he slept, sucked it until it got hard then I mounted his dick and slid my wet fertile pussy all the way down to his balls. It was dark and he was drunk, so he didn’t realize it was me who was fucking him. I put my hand over his mouth and rode the shit out of  his throbbing dick. It was a good fuck, but all I wanted to do was milk his balls into my engorged, puffy pussy. He moaned loud as he pumped his cum inside of me. My roommate moved a little with the sound of his pleasure, but she never woke up.

My pussy full of cum, I went to my room to please my pussy even more. I used my vibrator and dildo, but I’m still HORNY AS EVER!

Can you please help me out and slide your horny cock into my young, tight, fertile pussy? I just want cum on your dick and feel your hot cum fill me up to the brim. I promise to beg for your load and tightened my pussy walls just enough to give you the best dick massage of your life!




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