Japanophile: My Love For Japanese Culture Means I Love Asian Pussy

Japanophile is used to describe someone that LOVES Japanese culture. Sometimes called a weeaboo. Well, let me tell you about this hot Asian girl I met at a concert I went to! I made that girl cum so hard she made an ahegao face!

So, I get a ticket to go see the band The 69 Eyes and I am super stoked! I can’t wait to dance and sing along to my favorite songs. And I am going to the concert on my own since I just need some time to myself. Everyone was worried I was alone but I assure them that it’s cool.

I get to my hotel in Mesa and get on my cutest black dress and boots and of course, I wear dark eye makeup and lipstick to fit in. Feeling like a hot ass bitch, I take an Uber to The Red Room in Mesa. And I stand in line for the concert. Thank Satan it isn’t a hot day!

Looking around I see plenty of girls dressed sexy and ready to party. And only a few feet away from me is this super hot Asian girl with her friend. I knew she was Japanese when she said “Watashi wa kono bando ga daisukidesu!” Which means “I love this band!”

I couldn’t help but say “Watashi mo!” Which means “Me too!’

She turns towards me and smiles as she looks me up and down. Being a Japanophile I like to study Japanese sometimes… I smirk at her and she giggles like a schoolgirl to her friend which was fucking adorable. And then she blushes and starts talking to her friend again.

Soon enough the concert venue was open and we all flooded inside. I stood by the speaker on the left and right up on the stage. I wanted to see the band in all their glory. And before I knew it a local band was playing and they pretty much rocked my face off.

I look to my right and see a cute Japanese girl again standing up close to the stage. Oh, man, I wanted her so bad. After the local band played up came a band from Vegas and they were pretty fucking awesome. They played Terrible Lie by Nine Inch Nails and everyone loved it.

I look over to the Japanese girl and she finally looks back at me and blushes. Then I motioned for her to come closer to me. She’s small like me and can fit almost anywhere. I see her move through the crowd and appear next to me.

“Hey. I’m Bailey.”

She smiles and says “Watashi wa Vividesu.” Vivi… what a cute ass name. We talk for a few minutes as the stage was being prepped for The 69 Eyes.

And her friend brings us both 2 tall cans of Angry Orchard each and we cheer and chug our first ones. Before I know it Vivi is drunk and telling me how pretty I am. I thank her and hug her… putting my hand on her ass.

She then slides her hand up my thigh and up to my ass. And we stand there just groping and kissing each other as the band plays. I enjoyed the music of course as well as making out with Vivi. And after a long while, the show was all over and I invited Vivi back to my room.

Her friend said okay and she would just meet her back at her house. And Vivi and I take an Uber to my hotel room. As soon as we walk in the door Vivi is on her knees pulling my panties off and kissing my pussy.

She sure is one hot little Asian.

I take her to the bed and pull up her skirt and start licking her fresh Japanese pussy. And I suck her clit hard and make her cum fast as fuck. She even squirted on the bed but I made sure to drink most of it up. We then 69 and eat each other’s pussies and finger each other until we both cum hard.

Vivi giggled and spanked my pussy and kissed it. I kiss her and tell her “Okay. It was fun but now you gotta go.” She smiled and kissed me back, my pussy juice on her lips. And she grabbed her shoes and purse and threw her clothes on.

And she was gone… never got her number but man, did she fuck good. I watched her walk away and licked my fingers because fingering pussy sure is tasty.

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