Jamie’s Very Own Foot Fetish Fantasy

The perfect compliment to my freshly pedicured toes has to be a fresh load of sticky cum!   Wiggling my toes and feeling your gooey seed makes me so fucking wet!  I would be willing to do just about anything to watch a man blow his load on my feet.   I guess you could say I have always had a soft spot for a man with a foot fetish.

When I got home today, the first thing I did was kick off my heels.  I rubbed my silky smooth feet together and felt myself getting aroused.  As I slid my toes up my calves, I longed for a man to be sitting right there with me.  A man to rub, sniff, and lick my sexy feet.  I slid my hand under my skirt and began to tickle my clit thinking about how good his mouth would feel enveloping each one of my toes.  My panties were soaked in a matter of minutes and I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold back from a good old fashioned masturbation session.

As I removed my skirt and panties I thought about this man with me again.  His hard cock throbbing, begging for me to caress his shaft.  I take my toes from his mouth, still wet with his spit, and slowly move them down his chest.  I tease his cock with my big toe and grind my heel into his aching balls.  Squeezing the head of his cock between my sole and toes I see the pearl of precum drip from his tip.  He grabs my feet by the ankles and pushes my soles together around his shaft.

 He pumps in and out, getting one hell of a fucking foot job, grunting and moaning the whole time.

I’ll admit, I didn’t even get to the end of my fantasy before I came.   Maybe I have a foot fetish of my very own.  All I do know is I am hungry for more and I hope you are too!  Lets enjoy the bare foot season and rub one out together!

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