Jamie Will Haunt Your Dreams

Your dreams start off just a figure in your mind.  My long legs in the shadows beckoning to you.  There is just enough light to reflect the shine of my heels, my silk smooth skin, and those tie side panties that make you drool.  You can taste my skin, smell my sent, and feel my touch.   You hear my giggle as your soft cock begins to grow.  Knowing what I want and you can’t help but give it to me.

You reach out, trying with all your might to caress my super soft skin.  You hear me whisper in your ear to give in, to let go, and to stroke your big hard cock.  Your balls are so tight and full you would give just about anything for release, but will you get it?  The harder you struggle, stretching your arms out as far as you can, the more you hear my soft moans in your ear.   You give in.  The only one touching your big hard cock will be you, but you don’t care.  You reach into your boxers and feel your big meat, hard, throbbing, begging.  I guide you, telling you every movement you make over your big hard dick.  The build up is so intense you cum like a shot in the dark.

Just like that, you wake up with the most intense morning wood you have ever had.  You look over at the girl in your bed, only to be disappointing she is not me.  You have only one option.  Sneak out of the bed, sneak into a quiet place, and release.  You know you can’t escape me.  You know I will haunt your dreams.  You’ve no choice but to call on of our hot Phone Sex Girls to take care of that morning wood right!