Jack Daniels, Jenna Jameson and My Joystick

It was one of those cold, windy Michigan nights. Right off the coast of Lake St. Clair, the wind blew incessantly as I lay in my bed tossing and turning. It was 3:18 a.m. and I had to be in class in a couple of hours. College was the last thing on my mind after the awful fight that my college sweetheart and I had last night. I couldn’t believe he had actually broken up with me. Three years of college and four years of high school together and now we just go our separate ways? In my mind I continued to replay our conversation as Jack Daniels kept me company. Damn him! I was drunk and now horny and had no one around to comfort me. What was a girl to do?

I flipped on the 70 inch flat screen I bought when we first moved in together. Jenna Jameson was sprawled across my screen, bare pussy in high definition while she went to work on herself with a vibrator. It clicked. I didn’t need him. FUCK HIM! He wanted to give up on the best pussy he’d ever get, then fine! I was determined to find a way without him. In my drunken and half asleep state I rolled to the edge of the bed and waved my hand around underneath it until I felt it. My Joystick. It was what kept me company those nights he was gone and I was left to my own devices to fend for myself. I turned up the T.V. so Jenna’s moans would assist in drowning out my sorrows. I flipped the ON switch and went to work. Following Jenna’s lead, I started on the lowest setting. Teasing myself until I soaking wet. Each time she went up an interval, I followed, hoping that solo sex sans the star of sexually-explicit sites, would produce the orgasm. Jenna’s moans filled my head as Jack Daniels dictated my movements. I sloppily adjusted the speed, higher, than higher, as Jenna continued to work the cum out of her cunt. The vibrations were so intense and even more enjoyable without having to direct someone on how to do it. When Jenna took it up another notch, I again followed. This time my legs began shaking, and my cunt contracted causing continuous catapulting cum clouds cascading; completely coating covers and covering carpet. Fuck boys. All I needed was Jack Daniels, Jenna Jameson, and My Joystick.