There’s nothing more appealing then when I reach my hand between a mans legs and grip onto his balls, balls in a vice lol,  it’s one of the few expressions on domination that really shows that I mean business and I will never submit to a man. I love when a man gets painfully hard over the abuse I put on his balls when I’ve got him tied to the table without any way to free himself from my devilish torture. I love the sound of my hand connecting with his limp cock and giving it a much deserved slap.

I love taking out a ruler and a rubber band and moving that limp cock out of the way to start swatting his heavy and full balls with said ruler, listening to his groaned moans of pain and pleasure, making him submit and walk that fine line of pleasure and pain. I love watching a mans cock get rock hard from it just before I wrap that rubber band around his balls, no one gets to cum until I’m ready for them to unload!

I’ve had the pleasure of finding quite a few submissive little pain sluts that just love when I get rough with them. One little dirty slut I would shove his face into my ass forcing him to lick it clean and if he wasn’t moving at the pace I desired I would kick my heel back colliding into his unprotected cock. The strangled moan of pleasure and pain always muffled by my nice big ass only continues to fuel me into finding more and more dark pleasures to submit my whores to.

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