One of my neighbors has a major cotton panty fetish!

How do my cotton panties keep disappearing into thin air? I just know someone is stealing them! I’m super careful about making sure they end up in the laundry basket and I always put them away after I wash them. Pretty panties are super important to me and I wear different ones depending on my mood, so I have tons! Well, I used to have tons anyway but now my collection keeps getting smaller and smaller. It looks like the panty thief is helping themselves and figures I won’t notice.

Well, guess what? You’re wrong, I have noticed! Open the door and let me in so we can talk about your cotton panty fetish. If you don’t, I’m going to get louder and all of the neighbors are going to find out what a dirty panty stealing perv you are! Is your wife home? I’m pretty sure she would be interested to hear all about your naughty little fetish and how you’re just helping yourself to my panties! That’s right I know it’s you! I even set up a camera so I could find out for sure who it was.

I’ve noticed you checking me out like a total creeper every time I jog past your house so I figured it was. Now I have proof and you can’t deny it. Technically, it’s breaking and entering and theft too. I’m sure the police would love to hear all about your cotton panty fetish. Changing your mind so quickly, hmm? Good, I knew you would see things my way eventually. Now show me where you’ve stashed my panties and exactly how many you’ve stolen from me!

OMG, you’re such a total creeper, you have half my panty collection in here.

You will be buying me all new panties because I most definitely don’t want those back after you’ve touched them and gotten them all yucky! Pull that plastic out because it will be getting a workout today. That’s for starters but don’t think for one second that you’re getting away with your theft this easily. Pull your pants down right now. You heard me loser, hurry up. Time to be punished for your totally pervy cotton panty fetish. Bend over the couch and take that belt on your pants. That’s right the leather one and spank yourself with it.

Not softly either, make it really sting. Keep spanking that ass until it’s bright red and stinging like it’s on fire. That’s a good pathetic little fuck. Now crawl on all fours and bark like the horny dog that you are. Now shove your fingers up your own ass and tell me what a horny pervert you are! Grab a pair of those panties and squeeze into them. Of course, you look ridiculous so I have to snap some pics to show my friends. I’m sure they’re up for a good laugh too.

You should have thought about all of this before you indulged your cotton panty fetish with my panties. Don’t you dare rub that nasty little inadequate dicklet of yours while I’m here. Just because I happen to be a taboo school girl exhibitionist doesn’t mean I wanna see that! No one and I means no one wants to see that! Yuck!

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 Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke