It’s Breeding Season: Cum Inside

It’s that time of year again. When the only thing you feel like doing is coming inside and cuddling up with a nice tight ass, grabbing a hold of a pair of soft plump tits and letting your dick slide inside of a sweet, warm, and wet pussy. Yup it’s breeding season. As the temps drop and the warm bed starts to look more and more exciting, don’t forget that my young, fertile pussy is just waiting for you to plunge deep inside and throb your way to my g-spot. Make my legs weak as I tremble and pull you closer in to me. Closing my eyes and tightening my pussy walls around your aching cock.

Oooh baby! I want you to feel me creaming. Let that pussy cream glide onto your hard cock and down on to your balls. Go as deep as you want. Let your pre-cum coat my cervix as you fuck me harder and harder. Changing your rhythm inside of me only makes me wetter. I love going with your flow and letting you have your way. Our bodies will move together like the waves of the ocean. I just need you baby. I need you to cum inside of me and make me yours forever!

You need that special release that you can only get from emptying your balls inside of my pussy. Pump your cum deep inside. My moans will only make you ejaculate harder. Impregnate me baby. Suck my nipples as you pump me over and over. WE were meant to come together as one. Cum with me to get that PERFECT feeling, as we celebrate the beginning of BREEDING SEASON.

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