My Intruder Forced Me to Realize I Like It Hard and Rough in a Dark Intruder Fantasy

I was asleep in my bed. It was one of those unusually warm nights, so I thought I’d leave the window open to catch the last breath of summer. I always loved the feel of a night breeze tickling my naked body, so I thought I got lucky with the unexpected gift. It never entered my mind that an intruder would take advantage of my pleasure. That he would force himself on me in a dark intruder fantasy.

I found myself waking to the weight of a man on top of me tying my hands to the headboard of my bed. As I started to scream he forced his big hard shaft into my mouth and started to fuck my mouth. He was so big. Then he stopped and shoved a pair of my panties in my mouth where his shaft had just been. My intruder then began kissing, squeezing, and sucking my breasts; first one and then the other.

Much to my dismay, I could slowly feel my body start to betray me. It seems that I must have harbored an intruder fantasy deep in the recesses of my mind.

His mouth moved down my body slowly, leaving a trail of moisture as he kissed and tasted his way down to my traitorous clit and pussy. That’s when I felt his fingers sliding in and out of my now very wet hot little pussy.

Just as he made me cum with his mouth and fingers, he reared up over me and shoved his big hard shaft all the way inside of my pussy. I could feel him stretching me he was so big. My mind wanted to fight but my body wanted more. I felt myself cum over and over again as he used his hands, lips, tongue, mouth, and shaft to tease and pleasure my body over and over again. I never thought I’d have a fantasy sex story like this, but here it was, nevertheless.

Oh, how my unknown assailant took me from being unwilling to begging for more. I still sleep with my window open hoping He will come back and take me again…


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