I Love A Little Intrigue; Complete With CBT & Blackmail

I love a little intrigue, complete with CBT & blackmail. You see, for me there’s nothing better than having a man by the balls and I mean that both literally and figuratively. The whimpering noise he makes is so hot and it’s kind of sexy seeing him be so vulnerable in front of me. It makes my pussy all wet just thinking about it. I went to a party at Jason’s and when I went to the bathroom, I saw the bedroom door open. I got nosy and started poking around, even seeing what the dirty boy had on his computer.

Found lots of porno sites in his history and most of them were femdom sites, he has quite the thing for cock and ball torture. For our next visit, I decided to use my new-found knowledge for good, well my good and I set out to make him my new sex toy. I got dressed in a naughty little black number, went over to his place and had a field day with him.

He stared at me, trying to figure out what I was up to as I told him how much fun I had at the party then I dropped the bomb.

I told him I knew all about his dirty little fantasies, I saw everything he had on his computer and if he wanted me to keep my mouth shut then he’d do whatever I wanted. He tried to deny everything and I told him to shut up and get naked. I kept eye contact with him and stood there waiting until he did what he was told. I stood i front of him and reached down, making him twitch from nerves as I cupped his balls tightly. Then I squeezed his balls harder and he gasped as tears started to fill his eyes. I knelt down and held his balls tightly in one hand while I used my other hand to smack them.

He cried out as I hit him and he tried to move away, but he knew this CBT never felt so good.

I kept going until he was panting and his balls were red. I let go of him for a second so I could grab my handbag and took out a few clothespins I had stashed in there. Then I put three of them on him and he whimpered as each one snapped on his sore, sensitive balls. I held his dick at the base with two fingers then used my other hand to run my nails along his shaft slowly. I rubbed the underside of the head with my thumb and he groaned then I moved up so I could slide my nail around his head. He shivered as I left a thin line around it as I went and every now and again I flicked his balls with my finger, making the clothespins move and give little jolts to him. I pulled the clothespins off one by one and he cried out as they pinched him.

As soon as they were all gone, his hand shot down and he bent over, holding himself. I was having a lot of fun, but he was breathing hard and I didn’t want to push him too far early in the game so I stopped. I wanted this to be something that went on for weeks or months. “Now remember, you’ll be my little plaything whenever I want or else I’m going to have a little talk with my girlfriends. I’ll tell them all about your dirty little secrets and I just know they’ll tell everyone else. You’ll be exposed unless you keep me happy. Understand?” I said to him and he nodded while his cupped his balls, gently massaging them.

“Good, now get dressed and pleasure me!” I told him and watched as he limped to his pile of clothes on the floor.

He put them on slowly and made his way back over to me, like a good obedient boy. If you wanna be my good boy too, then call me and I will have those balls aching. CBT is my specialty and I’d love to give you the pain you crave.

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