Interracial sex stories are more than you ever imagined, especially when you step away from the stereotype of the BBC.  My story centers around, Hiromichi, a guy I met along my travels in the far east before college.  Struggling to get my key in the hotel door when he appeared from nowhere.

“Here, may I assist you with that…?”

I turned to see a TALL Japanese man, good-looking enough to have been a model!  At first, I just looked at him, then I gave him my warmest smile.

“I always get these fobs messed up!  Sorry.”  Another smile.

He pushed the door open and immediately grabbed my bags and walked in front of me like a bellhop! I giggled, but he was all about the SIRvice, as is customary in Asia.  So, I let him take over, but the last thing I eXXXpected was for him to slammed the door and lift me under my thighs onto my bed.

I don’t think I would have protested if I could, but I didn’t.  His lips found my thigh-highs and began to work his warm, wet tongue under the lace hem.  My moans MUST have garnered the attention of neighbors on both sides! His next assault was on my swollen clit, together with his plump lips moving along my lips and thighs. OMG!

I squirt all over his face, then made love to him all night.  Hiromichi was my first interracial fling, but he SURE wasn’t my last.  Interracial loving is hot!  And I don’t much care WHERE my men are from.  As long as they have hungry tongues and big cocks!

First Time Sex Stories always linger in the mind.  Call me to do a phone sex chat and I’ll tell you all about it.